Saturday, January 20, 2018

happy birthday to Thursday Poets Rally 1/14/2010 to 1/14/2018, in 9th year around poetics

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jingle yan is good,
so does Trisha, amelia, abbey, and larry

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queen melania trump, princess ivanka trump, who looks better? who is smarter?

Image result for ivanka trump  prince and princess  jared kushner and ivanka trump, they have beautiful childen,

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Image result for donald trump jr. and his wife   donald trump jr. and vanessa trump, they have five offpsring,

Donald Trump III
Kai Madison Trump,  
Chloe Sophia Trump,  
Tristan Milos Trump,  
Spencer Frederick Trump

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donald trump,  son eric trump and daughter-in-law,  lara lea trump

Eric and Lara Trump have 1child,

With right hand raised, Donald Trump looks at John Roberts with his back to the camera, as Melania Trump and others watch.

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  1. poetry could be silent,
    keep going public starlit!