Wednesday, December 19, 2018

POETS RALLY WEEK 88...poetry and story inn fridays week 35


Yike Song,
why he shall stay?
Yidi Shui,
why she shall remain Jolly?

Fan Meihua,
she seems doing okay with a holiday tree
Yi Lunjing,
she is cool there

never worry
always cheerful
think of Feng QunE and Zhou Tong,
we do agree that Benny Wu and Lucinda Page are lovely folks

Monday, November 12, 2018

poetry and story inn fridays week 32, 31

Image result for sun yat-sen university  

older and younger
people could be capable of everything
a fame is set
a location is good

jack cheng
jason reynolds
steve sheinkin
famous writer in addition to rebecca coriston and ina davis

poets rally week 87, short story slam week 102

Empty Words Count Nothing but Mean A Lot   iris chang at, who writes good poems and stories

Giving It Away   bob young is a leading writer at

All in  jerry yang is a brave guy

See You in the Cosmos   jack cheng, she is good at telescope alike views

The Encounter (Animorphs#3)     K. A. Applegate, a good yahoo writer

the philosophy of peace: a peace series novella    Jennifer Ferguson, she is good at peace making

Wednesday, October 10, 2018

poetry and story inn fridays week 30

Image result for alamo car rental  

meeting Haiqing 
a bowl of noodle soup
Favorable bean paste as additional spiece

Guang zhou and Lucky hotel
Emily and Dou Yu, along with Tiejian Wu
all opt for good location

a link to university of Notre Dome,
a fame for Helen Keller, John Jenkins, Barack Obama, bob Young,
a story of Lorena Long,. Rob Long, Larry Page, Bob Dole, 

Thursday, September 27, 2018

poetry and story inn fridays week 29, short story slam week 99

charming days
dark horses
joyful and great

doubtful moments
never ending wonders
innocent boys and girls

good tools
they care
the gentle and soft attitude

which reminds us of Klenneex

Image result for kleenex for baby 

Image result for kleenex for baby  

Saturday, September 8, 2018

wordless game

two players
or more
they gamble
they scream

words and swords
they bring in pain
they could make one grow fears
which we disagree to be in

Friday, September 7, 2018

poetry and story inn fridays week 28,. short story slam week 97

Friday afternoon
Bad fights
they shoot, with presubcscripted guns
we feel upset
we run all the way to Illinois
we refuse to speak
because all violence occur due to freedom misunderstiood

Wednesday, August 29, 2018

short story slam week 96

Image result for life's vintage guide  

Image result for michael pence and son  

charlotte pence, karen pence, michael pence, steven pence, audrey pence

Image result for john f kennedy family  
Related image     

Arabella, Caroline, John Jr., and Patrick

are supposed to be offpsring to Kennedy family,
later, they live aprt in Hong Konng, often visit Rome, Berlin, and Washington D. C. as travelers

Monday, August 20, 2018

tom lee wu

Image result for ji yan

Image result for ji yan and sheng wu 

Back at Kun Lun Xu, Mo Yuan shares the news that Yehua is back and his student excitedly comments, "Seventeen (Bai Qian) can finally be married off." Ouch, that had to hurt. Mo Yuan glances thoughtfully into the distance before breaking into a hint of smile to imply that he is at peace.

 Three Lives Three Worlds Ten Miles of Peach Blossoms Finale

And with a magical wave of a hand and a swoosh, Mo Yuan brings Yehua back a living and breathing Yehua. He tells Yehua to head for the ten miles of peach blossoms because it is the place where Bai Qian has carved out his tomb stone. Yehua looks back and says, "Thank you, big brother." 

Three Lives Three Worlds Ten Miles of Peach Blossoms Finale

Episode 58 begins when Bai Qian (Yang Mi) and Bai Zhen (Alan Yu) encounter a reincarnated Sujin (Maggie Huang). She is in dire straits as a human, desperately begging her husband to stay to no avail. 

Image result for tom lee wu at ossm 

 tom lee wu and ossm friend, 2016, adrianne  becka and quinnlan ryan took the photo

Image result for abbey wood , tina wu, chris shrock at ossm       

patti johnson, Jema wood, and eric wood

Image result for tina wu, chris shrock at ossm

Wednesday, August 8, 2018

short story slam week 95

none knows who she is
she is not a bad human
but many trusts karl marx
others trust salin and inks

Friday, July 27, 2018

poetry and story inn fridays week 25, sunday's whirligig by Michael Hofmann

Image result for chicago  

THIS WEEK'S WORDS come from "Valais" by Michael Hofmann: apricots, hay, appear, beef, stone, carry, shoulders, piped, sensors, running, archaic, everything

Words will be posted here each Wednesday (most of the time).

Image result for 霍元甲之冲出江湖  Wang Zhilan, we call her Julia Barnes in America

Image result for 霍元甲之冲出江湖  

Image result for 霍元甲之冲出江湖  wang zhilan and huo yuanjia, eventually wet

a story is made by stones
hard at core value
easy to read in wet eyes

apricots and running noses
soft mind carries strong wind
hay stacks rolled by ma wenqing and xie haifeng's love

piped lines are await for dripping tears
if water at lake Boomer is wild about staying high in skyline elementary school
archaic shoulders detect everything beyond our sixth senses

perfect ending disappoint
a mismatch could lead to relational contrsts....
why? life's formula is made by revolutionary stength


Thursday, July 26, 2018

short story slam week 94

short story slam week 94, july 19 to august 5, 2018 

  Image result for fat cat 

a working cat,
she is busy,
full of bills and cash

never mind,
a working man ignore a homeless man
which is a contrasting status
what do you think?

Monday, April 2, 2018

short story slam week 87, april a to z, c is for Citizen of Texas

Image result for poetry and nutrition 

Image result for poetry and nutrition 

Image result for c store magazine 

Image result for cold feet 


See what C work for you?
See what C can do for all?

cold feet on wooden floors
skip stones
beyond water's smooth skin
artists go blind
running among crowded streets
reading someone's tips
we sense the angry tone
we remove some thoughts tugged inside
sweeping a citizen of texas to my brain
my father
lost in missing documents
my mother
silence and burying fears
long before someone
know the soft dimple
in her brown bags