Thursday, December 14, 2017

poetry and story inn fridays week 10

tulane university
they set o'clock on students and free verse civilians
when Michael Fitts and John Nicklow back up Paul Tulane
Sarah wilder and john James Audubon jump for joy

visit Audubon Park,
visit Loyola University,
Visit Louisiana State University,
visit University of Louisiana and Xavier University

Alan Yu,
Bingyu Yu
Qun E Yang,
Kathryn Drexel

all very good

Tuesday, November 14, 2017

story storm slam week 75, 76, 77

short story slam week 74, about residing else where for a change, maybe on weekends 

amelia worried
joseph cheered
thomas relaxed
chris smiled
mary promoted
chapman redone math
barack telephoned  

lovely annie
anne peterson
amazing poets
kasim Reeds

happy halloween
Image result for happy halloween

Thursday, October 12, 2017

poetry and story inn fridays week 4, 3

lovely day
angels agree
it is time to parade
for donald Barron waterway

Monday, August 14, 2017

nix pages on



Surfing is a surface water sport in which the wave rider, referred to as a surfer, rides on the forward or deep face of a moving wave, which is usually carrying the surfer towards the shore. Waves suitable for surfing are primarily found in the ocean, but can also be found in lakes or in rivers in the form of a standing wave or tidal bore. However, surfers can also utilise artificial waves such as those from boat wakes and the waves created in artificial wave pools.

This intrepid surfer is riding a wave in the waters of the Bass Strait, on the coast of Phillip Island, about 140 km south-southeast of Melbourne, Victoria. Keen surfers, like this man, are undeterred by wintry weather or other hazards (like sharks!) and will practice their sport at every opportunity.

This post is part of the My Sunday Best meme,
and also part of the My Sunday Photo meme,
and also part of the Photo Sunday meme.

Friday, July 21, 2017

Wednesday, July 12, 2017

short story slam week 71, signs by lesley,

ice cream 

 Image result for ice cream  ice cream ball, called Bingqi lin in other language

Image result for ice cream and small girls   lilyn ruple praisley
Summer Drinks [Friday My Town Shoot Out]  

 Image result for ice cream and small girls    gabe julie cheekawood
Shadowy path  

 Image result for ice cream and small girls   san francisco and stephanie gracewood

Image result for dallas morning news

Evan Grant recall his past,
knowing poets and poems that sound well
if Tom Fox runs hock balls exact,
Kevin Sherrington will lighten up, surely

despite the fact that Lilyn and Emily are different,
so do Marissa Bogue and Mira Singer,
Jon Arbold and Randy Wilson reside at Trenton road,
while wines are toasted at Seattle, New Haven, Edmond, and San Diego

fruits and ice cream cones
Dallas morning news holds up half of the sky
we vote for Brianna, Albert, Barjit, Aya, Carrie, and Kenneth
walked path and subscription medicine work wonders

hear the roar
notice the shadow
wore a poetic worbe
listened birds fly north pole for more favorite festivals together


Whirligig 120 


THIS WEEK'S WORDS come from "Are Poets the Same as Everyone Else?" by Esther Cohen: festival, together, wore, only, poems, fruit, walked, favorite, wine, listened, before, shades

Thursday, June 8, 2017

short story slam week 70, positive bound and lovely imagery





los angeles
terrace tao teaches well
while melinda mao wonders well

mountain view
opendoors closes a day with smiles
neel rao blinks his eyes, forgetting thomas

wuhan city
tongji university recalls Tong Simei
Huazhong university of Science and technology enjoys Kentucky

Wednesday, May 17, 2017

short story slam week 68

short story slam week 68, unexpected and runner up fitness, why we shall use google to maxmize our world views 


Image result for san francisco airport   
Image result for chicago airport 

as Tiegan Willoaghby and Robert Meinder said,
Things go around
Notable people pause
ordinary folks run
all passengers sit
and refuse to move themselves
from where they go
the mobile phone
and the train cargo
all push
and we wait,
and enlighten our day
with Novel Arrivals

Thomas wants to go home
Francis Norick and Majorie Norick want to do art
both are good

Wednesday, April 19, 2017

blogging a to z in april, short story slam week 66

A--A. J. Jacques, Alberto Culver, Amy Martindale, ashley biden, alissa schapiro, alison schmidt, abbey wood, ari wood, aime wood, aihong wu, ajit jain, ani ajit, annapolis montuwa, anne wojcicki,
B--Brett Fors, Bret Judson, Bret Feddern, Bret Danilowicz, Bing Luo, Brad Smith, Bill Gates, bret hagy, benji wojin, barron trump,
C--Christa Robinson,  Casey Reed, Connie Wiese, Chuck Reed, Chuck Robbins, chloe wojin, calvin mays,
D--Dana murphy, David Fursdon, Deanna smith, donald trump, divya vemerey, derek driggs, dan little,
E--Elizabeth Rice, Elton John, Elizabeth Hendrickson, eric wood, eric schmidt, eleanor chamber,
F--Frank Wang, FRancis Cordova, Fredrick wise, Freddie Paul, fan min,
G--gregory holm, george bush, gerald clancy, greta sherman, george nigh, gloria page, gayla foster, gaylord thelma, gina noble,
H--howard johnson, hong jin, hongping wu, hansen ken, hongmei he,
I--ivan dai, iain pybus, inglewood pedro, irene putnam, iba
J--Jim Halligan, Jordan Fabrikant, john thompson, judy wang, jecica yen, julie cohen, james burnell-nugent,   john menzer, joe biden, jing wu, jian cao, jill wilson, janet wojcicki, jingping xi, jintao hu, jiu xinyi, jun zhu,
jacob harper, j. newton rayzor, joe sherman, jonathan zhang, jenna bush, judith remington, jeff bezos, joy wilson, jerry bona, joshua mabee, julio ottino, jim murphy,

K--karen baker, karen batten, kathleen wilson, karen anderson, kristianne gates, katharine gates, katrina yan
L--libby gates, latoya houston, lillian elizabeth rice,  larry bump, larry gosney, larry lawrence page, lucinda page, lotie jane mabee, lylin cheekawood, lily passmore, lizheng tao, liu yingjie, liang yuping, lanfeng yu, laura bush, liangyun rem, lan cheng, li hongbing, li tao, li shengzhou, li weiping, liu xiaoli, li xuejian, li shiji, li shengsu, laura ingalls wilder, laura deng, laura talbots, lindsay chamber, leo winter, laynie henry,

M--matt schapiro, merv griffin, malone mitchell, myma welch, meredith blecha well, mimi schapiro, max barry, michelle obama, michelle kuwang, michelle overman, morton owen schapiro, min wang, melinda gates, marcie federle, milli gardner gates, michael pence, michael dell, matt mead, matt mailman, mark twain, mary maxwell gates, mary trump, mary clancy, molly shi,

N---nicholas dirks, nicholas zeppos, nancy pelosi, noah williams, nick murphy, nathan brown, nathan wood
O--Ossing Minow,
P--Phoebe Adele Gates, Pu Zhao, Peter Constantin, Paul Ryan, Paul mitchell, Patterson Nigh, peter mayr,
Q--Qun Zhou, Qian Gao, Qi Wang, Qingsheng Wang,
R--Risa Zwerling Wrighton, Rory John Gates, Roger Hardesty, Rusty Stein, Robert McCormick, Robert Tubbs,
S--sam clancy, sam noble, sam walton, sam molcho, samantha murphy, sudivya vemerey, sheng yu, satya nadella, sheng wu, serta wang, sergey brin, samuel wyly, susan ruscher, sasha obama, shelly sitton, shezhi yan, sherry kim, san francisco,samba beredjick,
T---thomas boone pickens, tom lee, tom barlow, tim passmore, tao peng, tao hong,
U--uwe gordon,
V--vaden burns hargis, victoria gordon,
W--william henry gates II, william henry gates I, wes hargis, wolfgang schmidt, wendy schmidt,
X--xie willa, xie xincheng, xie jing, xing yulong, xu feng, xin zhao,
Y--yue sun, yeovil sherborne, you jiangsheng, yang lan,
Z--zachary bogue, zac lopley, zhang qi, zhong kaijie, zheng guofeng, zheng baoxia, zhu daihong,

Tuesday, April 4, 2017

poetry rally week 84, peaches and poetry clan, they are

Thursday Poets Rally Week 84 speical, 30 poems in 30 days April nutrition/Wellness/freedom/openheart/illistration March (read, post, share and laugh) 

  Image result for peaches

Image result for peaches   peaches GIFS

Image result for peaches poems  

by Peach
It does not exist
I must insist
For if it did,
I would find it
Somewhere lying in an iridescent mist
It does not exist
Please cease and desist
You are all dismissed
I shall continue to resist

I do not fear the proverbial fall
My heart will never be involved

It does not exist

poetry rally week 84, our growth, our apple tree

Image result for newton and apple 

Image result for newton and apple    f=ma

Image result for newton and apple 

by josh nunn
There's a place in my heart where an apple tree grows.
On warm Sunday afternoons my soul rests beneath it's unwavering shade,
And there amongst the long sweet grass my fears and sorrows all just seem to fade.
How it got there, what it's for, no one really knows.
Strangely still, the ground around it strangely, somehow glows.
But it's bulky bossom and entangled arms keep my worries abade.
And when I reach to pick an apple from it's gentle depths I simply make a trade.
One bite into the golden globe and one bad memory just goes...

It's stands solemn and contright beside the sands of time,
And from there the surreal sea of dreams just stretches on and on,
Merging with the sky as it disappears beyond.

On the branches of my hope there hangs a tickering chime.
And when it sings it's time to go, it's time to say anon.
There's a place in my heart where and apple tree grows of which I'm pretty fond.

Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Family Roots, hundreds of human sit, screaming of things (ssslam6566)

Image result for jason product  

Image result for jason wu  
Image result for eyewitness news 
Image result for eyewitness news  
Image result for anderson gas station  
Image result for cooper's bike 

Image result for westcott ruler  

Image result for emerson college     
Image result for emerson college  

we don't know Kendall murphy well
but we fight hard to win Danny Thomas,
under Marlo Thomas and Memphis,
Saint Jude Children's hospital thrive

Wang Wenquan, Wang Wuquan,
Wang Shuangquan, Wang Aiqun,
they are offspring of Yang Wuzi, Wang yunian
all are grandchildren of Yan Juer and Yang Wenjun (1927-44)

under umbrella of Yang/Wang/Yan/Peng,
we see Melissa Mills, Ben Wesccott, Jason Wu,
Jason Scott, Evan Perez, Max Barry, Mira Singer,
or Peter Sherwood, Tom Wikklie, Lee Denney, Laynie Henry

lots of confusions,
none can know everything,
thinking about Christina Fallin, Brian Langer, Austin Mitchell, Ivan Dai,
we trust life as it can be

Donald Trump Jr. and Sophia Trump pass by Boston,
writing poems for Li Shengzhou, Tao Zhou, and Tao Li,
wondering of why Sasha Obama, Grace Lu, Wavely Wang, and Yuan Peng sing high
why Abbey Wood, Joseph Clancy, Mary Hendrickson, and Nguyen Tu laugh

Zhu Cao and Gloria Vanderbilt, wow,
Fan Fuchou and Lydia Howard, they stay close to Ben Carson, Carson James, Ted Cruz,
while Carolina Cruz tries hard,
Shiloh Pitt-Jolie gather up strength to entertain Pax, Amy Fowler

Friday, March 17, 2017

Monday mellow yellow and short story slam week 65

Image result for arrowhead lake 

amy tan

Image result for arrowhead lake

cindy vail amusement park

Image result for ucr botanic garden 
jim wilcox visited university of california at riverside

Image result for ucr botanic garden

a sign by  emily hwang

signs and streetcar

Image result for streetcar 

streetcar by zhang jingsong

Image result for streetcar 

photo by amelia wilson

Image result for arrowhead lake

by Andrew Rice

Image result for arrowhead lake

beverly hill street car, by Dave and Terri Wood

Thursday, March 16, 2017

short story slam week 64, 65, 66

Ann Blair won't quit
Nor does Martha Minow

Wei Jinsheng won't vanish
Nor does Gong Xianghong

Amazing grace
new york times best selling arthors

Amy Tan writes for Wu Jinmei
Laurence Yep writes for San Francisco

If Judy Blume wins a fame
so will Jiang Jili and Mo YAN

Monday, February 20, 2017

world famous technology and google company

Image result for google

Sundai Pichar, Larry Page, Eric Schmidt, Seygey Brin, and Jonathan Rosenberg
are bold force at google with
freshman such as Sheng Wu, Abe Wu, Marissa Mayer, and Megan Crow joining the force

Image result for william, wilcox

william wilcox\

Image result for tomas rivera

Image result for tomas rivera

Image result for ontario

Image result for xu feng  xu feng

Image result for wu jiahong
sheng wu and steven wu

Image result for wu jiahong

yan ji, from MIT, Boston