Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Family Roots, hundreds of human sit, screaming of things (ssslam6566)

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we don't know Kendall murphy well
but we fight hard to win Danny Thomas,
under Marlo Thomas and Memphis,
Saint Jude Children's hospital thrive

Wang Wenquan, Wang Wuquan,
Wang Shuangquan, Wang Aiqun,
they are offspring of Yang Wuzi, Wang yunian
all are grandchildren of Yan Juer and Yang Wenjun (1927-44)

under umbrella of Yang/Wang/Yan/Peng,
we see Melissa Mills, Ben Wesccott, Jason Wu,
Jason Scott, Evan Perez, Max Barry, Mira Singer,
or Peter Sherwood, Tom Wikklie, Lee Denney, Laynie Henry

lots of confusions,
none can know everything,
thinking about Christina Fallin, Brian Langer, Austin Mitchell, Ivan Dai,
we trust life as it can be

Donald Trump Jr. and Sophia Trump pass by Boston,
writing poems for Li Shengzhou, Tao Zhou, and Tao Li,
wondering of why Sasha Obama, Grace Lu, Wavely Wang, and Yuan Peng sing high
why Abbey Wood, Joseph Clancy, Mary Hendrickson, and Nguyen Tu laugh

Zhu Cao and Gloria Vanderbilt, wow,
Fan Fuchou and Lydia Howard, they stay close to Ben Carson, Carson James, Ted Cruz,
while Carolina Cruz tries hard,
Shiloh Pitt-Jolie gather up strength to entertain Pax, Amy Fowler